Saturday, September 11, 2004

Potpourri of blogs

This shall be a potpourri of rhymes,
Just to make up for all the times,
During the week when I was to busy,
To write in my blog - it wasn't easy!

ONE: On the stupidity of drivers on the road

Neighbour neighbour on the road,
You have the intelligence of a toad!
The signal light you neglect to use
And to red traffic lights you are obtuse.

Those yellow boxes drawn below
designed to ensure the traffic flow
who are you to stop right smack
in the middle of our rightful track!

Oooh you stupid drivers drive me mad
makes me want to succumb to road rage just a tad
A little common courtesy will go a long way
C'mon, be polite and make everyone's day!

TWO: On friendships

To my friends who keep me sane
While we traverse this maddening world
Sometimes by saying a timely word
Sometimes by giving a timely poke
(I mean - LITERALLY!)

To my friends who make me laugh
Even in this sadly depressing world
Wittily chatting and bitching (of course!)
Forget our cares in lively discourse

To my friends in companionable silence
So hard to achieve in our rat-race world
Everyone grabbing and snatching with greed
We give each other the space that we need

To all my friends both near and far,
Wherever in the world you are,
Thoughts of you do cross my mind,
And someday when I finally do get off my lazy behind,
I'll be in touch! Honest! I will!

- dedicated to the friends who put up with the bitchy, meany, silly, talkative, gossipy, blur sotongy and not to mention geeky ... ME - luv ya all!

Monday, September 06, 2004

4 strings and a bow

Ode to a violin

Four strings and horse strings
stretched in a bow,
what beautiful music you make

Two planks and solid pole
glued together lovingly
what glorious sounds unfold

Fingers, wrist, arm and elbow
chin clamping down
in concert extract siren's call

Here's to the violin
Four strings stretched over plank and pole
able to tame the most savage beast.

- composed to comemorate watching Joshua Bell perform at the MPO -

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another one joins the blogging crowd

dedicated to all the people who repeatedly insist i start a blog ;-)

A muse amusedly
decided to blog
to clear the backlog
of requests that she blog
I am, therefore I blog?

Beverity they say
is the soul of grace
So briefly I pray
my thoughts here trace

Enough! Tis late
No more shall I prate
More thoughts relate